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†††††††††† Graphic Design consist of two key elements, skill and love. Graphic Design and multimedia applications are my passion. Media is not just a finished product, but, an extensive list of ideas, concepts, dreams, and the ability to bring those visions to life. I know that I am fully capable of bringing not only my visions and dreams to life but those of the company also.


†††††††††† Ninety percent of sales and products consist of presentation. From magazine ads, to flyers, to business card, and websites. These items require not only a sleek and elegant show, but, a powerful and foundational function. They need to be appealing while at the same time being informing.  A partnership between Thunderbird Supply and myself will help the company in expanding the growth of profitable fields possibly over looked. I Steven Bongers am prepared to not only meet the

requirements of the Graphic Design position but, exceed the standards that have been set previously. Graphic Design is not just my hobby itís my life.



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