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Education & Experience

High school diploma from the state of New Mexico, August 3rd 2001.

One year at University Of New Mexico, Gallup Branch

GRAPHICS          WEB          DESIGN          ILLUSTRATION



Active Graphic Design  -  extensive experience of both print and web design. Developed and continued brand and identities, web sites, advertisements, in cooperate and personal atmospheres.


Effective Team Player -  known for creativity, flexibility and a sense of humor. Striving to push and revolutionize the creative standpoint of any project. Always on the look for recent fades and technology updates.

Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop                         Adobe Illustrator                          FrontPage

Adobe InDesign                            Macromedia Flash                        Corel Paint Shop Pro

Hash Animation Master                HTML                                            Publisher

JAVAScript                                    CGI                                               PHP

Final Cut Pro                                 DreamWeaver                              Movie Maker

Career Development


Lead Graphic Designer

Coordinated and developed all graphic projects. Provided both print and web design, including animations and interactive applications. Coincided with marketing department.

· Progressively maintained and developed a 330 page catalog.

· Actively supplied merchandise photography and layout.

· Developed and expanded their graphic opportunities from a standard that had been set previously.

· Helped apply new slogans and logo designs.

· Produced innovative magazine advertisements and displays.

· Completed multiple Newspaper ads and placements.

· Provided numerous “Front Sales” flyers, posters and advertisements.

· Expanded online graphics to include interactive buttons and new graphic scheme .

· Worked on online newsletter design and concepts.


· To obtain a fulltime Digital Imaging and Multimedia position, including but not limited to Graphic Design, Photography, Website Media, Printing, and Computer Arts.

· Future educational experience such as Bachelors in Computer Art and/or Electronic Publishing Technology .

1102 Tafoya Drive, Gallup, New Mexico          (505)879.9035          Metatrox@msn.com